Thanks Vanessa and Jennifer!

Blog Author: Chris Alexander

Glass Gathering recently received the following email from Vanessa and Jennifer, who used our website to find information about the world of glass art. Jennifer even shared links to other info on the web back to us. We are so excited because this is what we want Glass Gathering to be about - supporting our community of glass-lovers and spreading the word! Here is what Vanessa wrote:


“I wanted to give you some feedback and let you know how much a young woman in our after school program enjoyed your page, . Jennifer and her parents took a trip up to Vermont recently, and they stopped at a glass blowing and hand made ceramics store- Jennifer became very interested and is going to start spending more time in the art room at school- they have a kiln and she has already done some pottery in classes, now she has more interest! 

Jennifer has been spending some time on the computers at our program, learning more about the history of working with glass, pottery, and ceramics- She called me over a few times to show me some things she was learning on your page- I was really impressed with her enthusiasm, and suggested to her we send you some quick feedback- Jenny thought it'd be cool to share another article about glass blowing- She found this one, . I thought it was a neat article for anyone else who might be interested in glass blowing and ceramics- I was hoping you might be able to include it with your other articles? I'd love to show her that she was able to contribute another cool one for your page's visitors!

Thanks again for encouraging Jenny's interest in glass blowing and ceramics!! I always enjoy seeing kids find new hobbies and start exploring them- I can't wait to see what she starts creating! Hope you enjoy the article she wanted to share- if you end up being able to include it, would love to share with her!”

Good luck Jennifer!